Emotions and people first!

The psychiatric community has diligently attempted to scientifically define and label the human experience – especially when that lived experience seemed to be “abnormal”, “maladaptive”, “inappropriate” or “harmful” – in an attempt to treat, fix and/or cure said thoughts and emotions.  Initially, this approach seems to make sense.  After all, we “must” have an ordered and somewhat predictable society, right?  After years of experience with this system, however, I find myself questioning their rationale for doing so.  After all, where would the world be without the “ravings of a lunatic mind”?  Where, indeed?  When the Orville brothers first visualized a flying machine, people thought they were crazy!  I would argue that society needs the “crazy” people – who dare to dream and think about “unrealistic” possibilities – in order for it to evolve and grow.  Emotions, hurt, pain and joy are as individual as the person who experiences them.  As such, they should not be defined and judged in a way that leads to prejudice, discrimination, labeling and condemnation.